2 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. How is the tumble dryer working out stacked like this? I have a condenser dryer and would love to move it and the washer to the end of our cabinet run to make room for a much needed and covetted dishwasher. I HATE washing up 4 times a day but needs must as cant stand thee cluttered worktop full of pots. Is the worktop reinforced or braced in any extra way? Thankyou, its nice to see a british organised home for a change from an american mansion(or so they all seem)!!

  2. Hi, the stacked washer and dryer works really well for us. The dryer is much lighter than the washing machine, so my dad just built a good solid shelf for it to sit on. It is just a piece of worktop sitting on two wooden batons that have been fixed securely to the wall. Space really is at a premium here in the UK so this is a good use of vertical space!

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