Playroom before and after

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7 thoughts on “Playroom before and after

  1. I love that room! It’s soooo light and gorgeously spacious (by UK standards). Am i the only one who is INSANELY jealous of all the lucky US moms who have amazing and huge playrooms for their kids?! The colours are all lovely, and the chair stencils are my fave i think. Love those old school chairs! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting, Sarah. It is pretty spacious, now that I’ve taken out all the crapola! Yes, some of those US houses are staggering in terms of square footage and number of bathrooms and guest rooms! Ours is very much your traditional 3 bed semi, with a couple of extended bits – but it is home and we love it 🙂

    • Thank you Angela, it was so simple to do, I probably had them done in half an hour – it would have taken less if I’d had a craft knife instead of a pair of nail scissors to cut the stencils!

  2. Take a look at the range, I got a relatively inexpensive craft knife and small a4ish size cutting board for a few pounds fr a quick project the other week. Can you please share where the cool boys blue and red storage boxes are from? Love the chairs, gotta love an ebay bargain!!

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