Taming the laundry beast

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4 thoughts on “Taming the laundry beast

  1. Like you the laundy in my house is relentless, there are 5 adults, I have one basket on the landing (which isn’t a large space) where everyone puts their dirty clothes, trouble is my lazy grown up children are prone to saving things up then suddenly a mountain of clothes appears….must stop them doing this. I can leave for work knowing the basket is empty then arrive home to an overflowing one. I sort the basket every day and do 1-2 loads usually. The clean washing is put straight into their bedooms, they have to do their own ironing now ( more often they don’t bother!). Sometimes I long to have a housekeeper to take care of us! In my dreams…….

  2. Ha, I’ll have to watch out for my kids doing that as they grow. I didn’t mention about ironing, because I must admit I tend to just whizz things in the dryer for a few mins to let any creases drop out! Unless it is a crisp shirt, which only looks right ironed. Yes, wouldn’t a housekeeper be lovely… guess we’ll have to win the lottery first 🙂

  3. Having separate hampers for everyone was a faff, so we just keep one on the landing for all of us now. It never gets over full since, like you, we need to do a wash most days. Personally I don’t bother separating darks and colours anymore, but I do still do a separate white wash so we use a double hamper and my kids are well trained to put their dirty clothes in the right side of the hamper. (It’s the double rope hamper from John Lewis that we have, but we got it on special offer as it’s pricey – good quality and useful though!)

  4. I recently bought my 11 year old his own hamper and then, I forgot to go get it when I was gathering up the laundry! Oops. I use tv watching as my incentive to fold the laundry although sometimes that backfires as well and I end up saving up lots of laundry so I can have mself a little Netflix marathon of my favorite shows. I do like your idea for having a schedule for it all though!

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