Vintage dresser update

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16 thoughts on “Vintage dresser update

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Antonia, I’m delighted to find yours as your projects are right up my street and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. I haven’t used AS paint yet but will splash out on a tin for my next makeover, it gives fantastic results from what I’ve seen. The chest of drawers looks fabulous, I can’t believe what people throw out, I’m sure if they saw what you’ve done with it they’d welcome it back into their home! Nice to “meet” you. Gill x

  2. Great job…but wonder how you repaired the missing wood from the right side of that second drawer down? Did you sand it down?

  3. Hi Margy, thanks for your question. That was the drawer where I ended up chipping all the veneer off, as I thought it would be easier (it wasn’t!) and because I wasn’t sure if I could repair the gap. However, with the other two drawers I flaked away any loose veneer and used wood filler in the gaps, sanding it all smooth, which was easier and quicker, and I think gave a better surface for painting. Oh well, you live and learn! x

  4. Hi I love the revamped drawers you did a fab job. I love to do big projects like that myself but never sure were to start. The new handle work well.

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