Clutter Hot Spot No. 3 – the armchair ‘drop spot’

Leather armchair

The leather armchair in our living room is a complete clutter magnet.  I’ve tried to work out what it is about this particular chair that means it frequently resembles a stall at a jumble sale  (the picture above is on a good day, let me assure you).  It is the first thing you encounter on coming into the room, so that’s probably the main reason – it is just too convenient to toss a coat or a bag on.  It is also directly opposite our laundry space across the hall, so I have to admit for me it is the easiest ‘drop spot’ for clean washing just out of the dryer if I don’t have a laundry basket handy.

Once a small pile of clothes takes root, it seems to attract more of the same.  Our boys like to snuggle with blankets in this room, so they often get tossed onto the chair when finished with.  We did have a small basket for their blankets, but I’ve borrowed it for something else and not replaced it with anything, so that’s my bad.

Once you take a couple of minutes to think a problem, through, the solution is usually pretty obvious.  In this case, we needed something to corral any clutter before it even hits the chair.  As the main culprit for causing mess is clothing, then a big basket, or better still a blanket box with a lid, was probably the best solution.  Roomy enough to hold a load of washing (until I have time to fold and sort it), or a big bundle of throws and blankets.

So I could either pop out to TK Maxx or similar and buy a oversized, attractive basket.

Or I could look at what we already had at home and come up with a no-cost alternative.

Well, that’s kind of what I did – here’s the bedding box I painted recently.  I do intend to sell it eventually, so it is only a temporary solution.  But  it has proven that this is exactly the sort of storage I need for this particular clutter hot spot.

It is definitely working for now and is very convenient for a quick tidy up just before someone comes over, as you can see!

We also swapped the chairs around, so now we’ve got the smaller leather chair where the big one was – so less ‘dumping’ space available – a mini success!

Are you conquering clutter in your home and are you winning the battle?  What’s the secret?!

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